Recognia Mentioned in The Australian Financial Review article "Small Traders Surf Elliott Wave at Home"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Australian Financial Review author, Matthew Smith, writes how tools and research that were previously only used by market professionals, are now becoming more available to the average investor. Getting more specific, he discusses how Recognia has designed an algorithm to replicate Elliott Wave analysis for an institutional brokerage firm, and has since developed software that can do the same thing but is user friendly enough for regular traders to use. “These types of sophisticated analytics were far from the hands of the average investor investors less than five years ago,” says Recognia’s vice-president of products, Peter Ashton.

He also touches on the idea of mobile trading in referencing Recognia's international survey that found 8% of active traders use their computers to execute trades, while 16% of the same sample would like to execute their trades using a smart phone. “The next evolution of trading has to be mobile platforms. We are developing all our tools and research to be platform agnostic,” Ashton says.

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