Recognia Adaptive Indicators

Recognia Adaptive Indicators helps optimize your trading strategies.  We do this by offering unique and smarter indicators, and by taking some of the conventional indicators and making them more effective. So if you’re a fan of indicators like MACD, RSI, Momentum and Moving Averages, but have run into problems with lagging signals, whipsawing oscillators giving you unwanted signals, and a lack of conventional support & resistance levels near highs & lows – take a closer look at Recognia's unique Adaptive Indicators.

Recognia is best known for its automated classic chart pattern recognition (double tops, head & shoulders, triangles, etc.) available through Bloomberg’s charting and news (RCOG). The same level of expertise, knowledge, statistical pedigree and technical analysis efficacy has gone into the creation of Recognia AI.  

  • For a free trial or to subscribe, please visit the Bloomberg APP Portal Storefront
  • To run the application type "APPS CS:RCOG" into your Terminal
  • Subscription is $395.00/month

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                Recognia Adaptive Indicators     Recognia Adaptive Indicators

Read the Adaptive Indicators Product Brief.