Deliver News that’s Actionable with Daily Trade Ideas from Recognia

Recognia's AlertWire™ delivers trade ideas daily through a news feed format, allowing you to offer your clients unique headlines based on emerging Technical Event opportunities including classic chart patterns  and/or Elliott Wave studies. AlertWire automatically analyzes every publicly traded financial instrument throughout each trading day, generating news on stocks that might not otherwise be covered in a self-directed investors trade universe.

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Enable Informed Investment Decisions

Recognia's AlertWire clearly displays headlines of emerging chart patterns and/or Elliott Wave Technical Event opportunities to illustrate important price developments, helping investors find opportunities with confidence. Content is contained in a familiar news commentary format which offers investors an easy introduction to the benefits of technical analysis.

Detailed, Actionable Information

Each news story from the Recognia AlertWire is comprehensive, providing a headline, commentary describing the event, an educational description of the event type, and a price chart highlighting the identified Technical Event.

Quickly Deployable and Customizable

Recognia AlertWire is an effective tool to allow sharing and distribution amongst traders and investors. It is one of the most effective investment research tools to help investors to gain better insight of stock opportunities by daily stock news.