Strategy Builder™

Build Investing Strategies and Screen for Investment Opportunities

Recognia's Strategy Builder is a powerful investment research product developed for self-directed investors to define and evaluate well-suited strategies for selecting investment candidates using both fundamental and technical analysis. These investment strategies include multi-factor investment models which can be chosen from a pre-built library or created by the investor. Back-testing capabilities allow strategies to be tested using up to five years of historical stock market data. Strategy Builder provides compelling content through a guided and educational online experience to boost investor confidence and drive trading volume, while enhancing loyalty amongst your account-holders.

Read the Strategy Builder Product Brief.

Empower Your Account-Holders by Providing the Ability to:

  • Quickly identify investment opportunities tailored to a range of investment styles and research preferences, complete with alert notification
  • Easily create and customize investment criteria models and save them for continuous reference
  • Choose from a list of pre-built investment models developed by industry experts which can be easily modified or customized
  • Build a community of users and enable them to share strategies and models. 


Boost Account-Holder Confidence with Backtesting

Once an investor has developed a model, they can test the historical performance of the strategy using our backtesting feature. Backtesting evaluates the results of the strategy against up to five years of historical stock market data. The investor will be able to quickly evaluate whether their strategy can “beat the market”.